Hi my name is Marsha. I am the CEO and founder of Merci + Co. When I first started
Merci + Co., it was a in a 2/2-bedroom apartment and a little one walking into
their 3rd year of life. Maneuvering through Corporate America and
being the best me that I can be. Making body care products for me was a therapeutic
outlet. While everyone would sleep, I’d be up experimenting and watching all
the videos that I can. In 2020, I took the plunge and became official with a website.
There have been some challenges, as I started right before the pandemic, but I never
let that stop me.

 My goal with Merci + Co., is to bring the best handmade
natural products to an audience that share similar interests.  I
want to provide a sensuous luxury and affordable experience. I
look forward to sharing my creations and knowledge that I have
acquired over time.

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  • Soaps

    Small Batch, Hand-made soaps made in the cold-process method.

  • Butters + Creams

    Hydrating body butters, creams + lip butters.

  • Body Scrubs

    2-1 Body Scrubs

  • Body Oils

    Lightweight Hydrating Body Oils

  • Merci Merch

    Unique found items that enhance your identity.

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