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Merci + Co.

Hey Joe

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Hey Joe is going to give you that go that boost that you are going to need to conquer the day.

Hey Joe is scented naturally with the brewed coffee to help you get that natural high from a fresh pot. As you use this bar you will feel coffee grinds against your skins to help exfoliate your pores.

Coffee can be used in multiple ways to benefit the skin. To help reducing the appearance of cellulite, reducing inflammation and dark circles.


Cocoa Butter + Coconut Oil + Extra Virgin Olive Oils + Babassu Oil + Argan Oil,  Sodium Hydroxide + Brewed Coffee + Coffee Grinds

Fun Fact:

After each use, be sure to lay your bar in a soap dish, so that excess water can evaporate from the bar, to help make your bar last a longer.

All bars are cut by hand, so sizing from bar to bar can vary. Due to the nature of the ingredients that used colors may vary as well, but the benefits remain the same.