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Vanilla Rose Body Oil

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Let your skin fully breathe while you moisturize. Supercharge your skin with a buttery light oil. Ultra-moisturizing body oil delivers nourishing properties for you to achieve satin-smooth skin and an over glow during any time of the season.

This body oil is made up of Cocoa Butter, Hemp and Sunflower Oil. Don't worry about your pores being clogged, as the combination of skin-loving oils, will rejuvenate and nourish tight, dry flaky skin.

Scent Description:

An alluring bouquet of roses in bloom fills the sweet, botanical air, as whispers of soft musk elevate this beautiful fragrance, creating a whimsical aroma of serenity and pure floral bliss.

How To Use:

Massage into damp skin after a nice bath or shower to lock in moisture. Or add a few drops to Body Butter to intensify its effects.

Focus on areas of your body that are prone to dryness, such as knees, elbows, and knuckles as they tend to get neglected sometimes.


Argan Oil + Babassu Oil + Cocoa Butter + Hemp Oil + Sunflower Oil + Sweet Almond + Apricot Oil + Fragrance Blend

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